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July 10-12, 2017 | Austin Convention Center

Keynote Speakers

Jump Start Keynote

Make the Right Choice: Taking Responsibility for your Happiness and Success
Tuesday, July 11 7:30 a.m.

Jump start your morning with one of our funniest keynotes to date! Joel Zeff creates energy. His spontaneous humor and vital messages have thrilled audiences for years. As a national workplace expert, speaker, author and humorist, Joel captivates audiences with a unique blend of hilarious improvisational comedy and essential ideas on work and life. He has shared his experience and insight on creativity, communication, work/life balance, leadership, teamwork, passion, and fun with more than 1,200 companies and organizations. His new book, Make the Right Choice: Creating a Positive, Innovative and Productive Work Life, is consistently listed as one of the top work/life balance books on Amazon. He has appeared on CNBC’s The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, the Fox Network’s Fox and Friends Weekend and been featured in the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, The Kansas City Star, and many other media outlets. 


General Session Keynote 

How to Fix a Broken School
Tuesday, July 11 1:45 p.m.

Linda Cliatt-Wayman is a passionate educator with an unwavering belief in the potential of all children. She grew up in poverty in North Philadelphia and has dedicated her career and her life to helping students succeed in school and beyond.

Cliatt-Wayman spent 20 years as a special education teacher before becoming principal of FitzSimons High School. Cliatt-Wayman turned FitzSimons from a school known for low levels of academic achievement and high levels of violence into a safe space focused on learning. She then opened The Young Women’s Leadership School at Rhodes High School, where she oversaw tremendous growth in her students’ reading and math proficiency and college acceptance levels. Cliatt-Wayman now serves as principal at Strawberry Mansion High School, not far from the North Philadelphia neighborhood where she grew up.

Wayman’s powerful leadership and the success of her students have caused people to take notice. She has been named a Top 50 Finalist for the 2016 Global Teacher Prize, and her leadership has been featured by TED, ABC World News Tonight, and Nightline. 

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